Helm charts

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Learn how to modify configuration values in Helm charts.

This article will show you how to modify the default configuration values in Coder's helm chart.

You can see the contents of Coder's helm chart on GitHub.

  1. Get a copy of your existing helm chart and save it as values.yaml

    helm show values coder/coder > values.yaml
  2. Open the values.yaml file using the text editor of your choice

  3. Edit the values.yaml file as needed. Be sure to remove the lines that you are not modifying, otherwise the contents of values.yaml will override those in the default chart

  4. Save the values.yaml file

  5. Update your Coder deployment with your new helm chart values. Be sure to replace the placeholder value in the following command with your Coder version):

    helm upgrade coder coder/coder -n coder --version=<VERSION> -f values.yaml

    Note: You must complete this step every time you update the helm chart values

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