Environment variables

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Learn how to work with CODER_* environment variables

Coder injects a standard set of environment variables that allow you to access contextual information about your environment.

To obtain a list of environment variables and their values, launch the Terminal via the Coder Dashboard and run:

env | grep CODER_

Available Environment Variables

Environment Variable Description
CODER_USER_EMAIL Your email address
CODER_ENVIRONMENT_NAME The name of your environment
CODER_USERNAME Your user name
CODER_CPU_LIMIT The CPU core limit given to your environment
CODER_MEMORY_LIMIT The memory limit given to your environment in GB
CODER_IMAGE_TAG The image tag used to create your environment
CODER_IMAGE_DIGEST The content-addressable identifier for your image
CODER_IMAGE_URI The URI for the image used to build the environment

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